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Look forward to waking up to our mantras every morning, starting your day feeling excited and empowered! Your new self-care practice is less than a latte a month.

Topics include happiness, money, health, self-love, inner peace, confidence, and more.  

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  • I look forward to reading my Morning Mantra each day when I wake up. It’s a positive addition to my life. Thank you for sharing all your hard work and insights that have worked for you. It’s a gift!

    Laura Cruz
  • Having Morning Mantras as the first email in my inbox every day has drastically shiffed my attitude and perception of all that is possible for my day, week, and year! These daily mantras always seem to say the right things at the right time, and I feel endlessly grateful that I get to start my day in such a positive + empowering way.

    Ava Johanna of Kicking Asana
  • I LOVE the little ray of light I get in my inbox every morning!

    Jade Coiley
  • Love it so much. Added it to my morning routine and such a great way to set my intention for the day!

    Jessica of Spiritually Fit
  • The Morning Mantras are amazing!!! I love them because they are the exact messages I need for that day and it brings me back to my truth.

    Jamie Servellon
  • Loving it, best purchase I made this year! I'm recommending it to everyone.

    Rachel Stout
  • I'm loving the Morning Mantras! My favorite part is that they come every single day instead of 1x week or Mon-Fri like other subscriptions, so I am guaranteed a high vibe moment each and every day!

    Lori Vislocky
  • Morning Mantras have really changed my morning routine. I get to wake up to a beautiful message that gets me feeling empowered, beautiful, and enough. Thank you Laina + Amanda for this incredible movement!

    Stevie Wright
  • I love waking up to my Morning Mantra! It's a simple, yet beautiful message that I say out loud to myself so I can get my day started with a positive mindset.

    Sarah Lynne
  • Making Morning Mantras part of my morning routine has made such a beautiful impact on my days. Such a little thing with the potential to change your daily perspective, thus change your life. Sending much gratitude and light.

    Alejandra Bernal
  • Waking up to the Morning Mantras every day has left me feeling inspired, energized, and ready to take on the world! After going through some big life changes, these daily mantras have helped me move forward + regain my confidence. Morning Mantras for the win!

    Kelsey Prince
  • I'm loving all the Morning Mantras I've been getting. I love the synchronicity of these EVERY damn time!


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Read it out loud or say it silently to yourself until you feel inspired

Repeat throughout the day whenever you need a boost

Save the image as the background of your phone, print it out + post it, or write it down 10x

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